How to Choose Condoms

by network-devel

Sex without a condom poses many dangers. It is not only scary to get pregnant, but also to get “as a gift” diseases that require long-term treatment. It is much easier to have at hand this reliable helper, protecting against at least 80% of all sexually infectious diseases.

In addition, the condom is the most accessible at once for several reasons:

  • It can be used urgently, unlike hormonal drugs that work when taken regularly;
  • To purchase does not require a doctor’s prescription: you can buy them not only in pharmacies, but in any store;
  • The price is in a wide range for any purse. Even inexpensive ones are made of latex or polyurethane, reliably protecting against sexually transmitted infections;
  • What a condom is and where to get one, everyone knows – even teenagers, because the age of first intercourse is getting younger. The problem of the first pregnancy at age 15 is also not new.

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Types and brands of condoms

Choosing a condom is a responsible moment, because not only are they made under several brands, but they come in different types. They are divided into female contraceptives (for women) and male contraceptives (for men) depending on how they are used. The first ones were invented in the 1980s and became a real breakthrough for African countries, where men refused to use a condom. This barrier method there was able to significantly reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Today female versions are less popular than male ones. And the main reason for this is the lack of advertising. Few people know about them, although the effectiveness of protection is as high as with the more familiar variant. The only thing is that you will need some experience to use them correctly. Men’s condoms are distinguished by a more diverse range. In addition to the classic version, there are interesting varieties:

  • Ultra-thin for better sensations;
  • Ribbed, allowing an additional stimulation of the woman;
  • With an anesthetic that solves the problem of premature ejaculation;
  • Taste – giving a variety of oral sex;
  • With additional lubricant – for anal sex.

As for the flavored condoms – oral sex with them becomes much “tastier” and more interesting. Each couple can pick up and edible lubricants, which can resemble the taste of mint, gum or fruit. This allows you to make oral caresses more enjoyable and comfortable. Fans of anal sex should choose condoms with double the amount of lubricant – the glide will be better, the sensations will intensify, and the contraceptive is sure not to break. If you prefer an unusual sensation in bed, you should try a contraceptive with warming lubricant. The effect will be noticeable already after 5 minutes of active friction. The combination of components that make up the lubricant will give you warmth and help diversify your intimate life.

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