How to sell with stories on Instagram

by network-devel

If you want to effectively develop your Instagram account, it makes sense to use a variety of modern tools. First you can buy instagram followers, then you should pay attention to content and stories. Selling through stories can be a great option to develop your project.

Plan when stories will come out

Instagram stories are “quick” content territory. Photos and fifteen-second videos are easy to create, even easier to watch, and 24 hours later, they’ll self-delete. But that doesn’t mean that stories don’t need a content plan. Understanding what and when you’ll post is enough; you’ll also have to commit to a posting rhythm. 

  1. Posting rhythm. Publishing posts three times a week is more useful than publishing 12 posts in six days. It’s been observed that accounts that practice even posting gain more account reach in a month and have a larger core loyal audience. However, simply posting evenly is not enough, what you publish should be interesting enough for subscribers. A core loyal audience is a group of subscribers who consistently follow your content. These are said to be the most loyal subscribers who help spread the content, they’re constantly watching stories, liking, commenting. 
  2. Team Synchronization. When there are several people working on an account: a targeting manager, a sales manager, and a content manager, a content plan helps to coordinate actions. For example, the tagger prepares in advance to promote posts because he knows what’s coming out and when.
  3. Feedback. A content plan helps predict feedback and understand what the audience really needs. Suppose we have nothing, and we make the assumption that subscribers will like “a tour of the production,” “our team,” each column is assigned a certain day of the week and at the end of the month, after you’ve published everything planned, study which days had the best targets.

Plan which stories will come out

An important task of the content plan is to adjust the columns that go out in the account. There are no rules; you can test different ideas, formats, attachments and interactives. Formats: photo, video, story in author mode, boomerang.  Content can be created in advance and then published when you see fit or by scheduling publications in SMM planner.

Rubrics are a classification of content by meaning, many divide content “by product”, in the case of a coffee shop it would be “drinks that are in the coffee shop”, “what you can order and buy at home”, “desserts that are in the coffee shop” and so on. For each account, depending on instagram followers, promotion goals need to develop their own rubrics, however, there are universal rubrics to start with: selling content, reputational, humorous.

We recommend starting with a content plan: my products; frequent questions from customers; reviews; topical jokes.  Add variety to each section with formats: photo, video review, unboxing, talking head. When you get the hang of it, you can test other columns and formats.