The hypnotic effect of slot machines

by network-devel

The impact of gambling on humans has been analyzed and studied since its widespread use. For example, a survey was conducted in the USA among casino customers who prefer slot machines, the purpose of which was to determine the average duration of play of each individual gambler. The survey results are truly amazing. The fact that some people spend five to fifteen hours for video slot machines. They usually explain this predilection for the game by the fact that they rarely get to go to the casinos, and the gameplay is so absorbing that the time is lost. The risk will be noticeably lower if you switch to an online casino. You can find a great casino of this type here

It’s no secret that casinos always maintain a pleasant atmosphere that promotes relaxation and detachment from pressing problems. Every visitor to a gambling establishment may have noticed that there are no windows or clocks, and the music helps “ignite” the excitement. Sitting behind a video slot, a player watches continuously rotating drums, flashing lights and hears harsh sounds, which in combination creates a kind of hypnosis.

By the way, a similar condition is often experienced by long-haul truck drivers who are on the road for a long time. Thus, constantly flashing before the eyes of the road marking brings the human brain into a kind of hypnotic trance, forcing it to relax and disconnect from reality. The driver can get to his destination without being able to remember what happened to him on the road.

Moreover, a similar condition is experienced by people who are engaged in monotonous work that does not require mental activity. In fact, this is what happens to players who sit in front of slot machines for hours on end, refusing to eat or sleep, monotonically repeating the same button. The time frame is erased, and the ability to think rationally recedes into the background.

How to avoid the hypnotic influence

If the gambler was able to catch himself on the thought that he is in a prehypnotic state, it is necessary to resort to simple actions that will not give the full concentration on the game. So, to begin with you need to stop constantly looking at the screen. Should as often as possible pay attention to the surroundings, the people cruising in the casino, all kinds of signs, whether it’s advertising or descriptions of the rules of a game. Of course, it is necessary to carry a watch. It is desirable to have it on hand and constantly “looming” in front of your eyes. In the same way, it is necessary to have an alarm clock on the cell phone that will ring at certain time intervals. Exclude the effect on the mind of the music in the casino and the harsh sounds produced by the machine, you can by listening to music in a player. It is also desirable to communicate as much as possible. As a “victim”, you can choose a neighbor in the slot, a waitress or manager of the hall.

It is also important after a certain period of time to take small breaks, which can not be neglected. For example, you can deposit small amounts of money to occasionally break away from the game to go to the cashier of the institution. You should also define a priori the limits of winnings, which should be cashed in the same cashier. It is important to understand that the game should bring a person pleasure, and not make him a lunatic, who returns home in an exhausted state and without a penny in his pocket. Reliable online casinos, which you can find here, will also help to reduce the risks.