Security+ v2

by network-devel

Lab Details

Developed in collaboration with the DOL NISGTC, these labs focus on the principles and best practices in network security. Students gain hands-on practice in the skills needed to secure a network and prepare for industry certification.

Lab 01: Network Devices and Technologies- Capturing Network Traffic
Lab 02: Configuring the pfSense Firewall
Lab 03: Protocols and Default Network Ports – Connecting to a Remote System
Lab 04: Secure Implementation of Wireless Networking
Lab 05: Incident Response Procedures
Lab 06: Secure Network Administration Principles Log Analysis
Lab 07: Analyze and Differentiate Types of Attacks and Mitigation Techniques
Lab 08: Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques – Password Cracking
Lab 09: Identifying and Analysing Network/Host Intrusion Detection System (NIDS/HIDS) Alerts
Lab 10: Analyze and Differentiate Types of Malware and Application Attacks
Lab 11: Discovering Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
Lab 12: Importance of Security – Securing Data Using Encryption Software
Lab 13: Analyzing Types of Web Application Attacks
Lab 14: Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
Lab 15: Implementing Common Protocols and Services for Basic Security Practices
Lab 16: General Cryptography Concepts
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